Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The new back porch

My great-grandmother's dresser is getting a new life as a workspace in my kitchen. It also got a paintjob.

My new bathroom chandelier.

My new empire sofa--a steal at the Nashville flea market.

My fabulous new antique fountain. A gift from mom.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Projects

Esme in his summer attire.

My new porch trellis.

New Lee Jofa wallpaper in the family room.

The renovated fireplace. I love the change. The only disturbing part were the 1960s funeral pictures I found when I pried the old one off.

The newly glazed center hall walls. They're now the Italian Pink I intended them to be.

The remnants of the old back porch and the new walkway I put in.

My new raised rosebed. It also has rosemary and tomatoes.

An antique climbing rose that was hidden under all the overgrowth. I'm training it on this trellis.

My most recent dinner party.