Friday, January 13, 2012

January Photos

Esme has recently learned the sheer splendor of extreme heat. He's sticking his face directly into the electric logs in the bedroom.


Thanks to my new label-maker (a Christmas gift from Mom) my crafting area is now incredibly organized.

This chest belonged to my great-grandmother. In its original incarnation, it was a hideous tiger oak veneer. I painted it black. I painted it ochre. I painted it blue. I smothered it in mineral spirits. I sanded it into submission. I stained over all that. Then I added a bit more ochre. Then I took a wire brush to it. It was a long, dirty, laborious process, but I really love it now. Chalk paint is amazing.

"The room service here sucks! Maid! Maid!"

My new, very old, Paul et Virginie girandoles. They're circa 1840 and I got them for a song.

My opaline collection expanded this holiday season.

A new assemblage.